Tips For Comparing Plans

How can I compare plans in my area and determine what’s best for me?

Start by using the Medicare Plan Finder.

What to consider when comparing Medicare drug coverage [PDF]:

  1. Cost
  2. Coverage
  3. Convenience
  4. Quality

Check the Medicare quality ratings [PDF].

Other questions to ask when comparing Medicare drug coverage:

Covered drugs:

  • Does the plan cover all the medications I am taking?
  • Does the plan cover the most important medications I take? (Ask your doctor.)
  • If the plan does not cover a medication I take, does it cover one that will work for me? (Ask your doctor.)
  • Does the plan require that I get special permission before it will cover the medication I need (such as prior authorization or step-therapy)?


  • How much will I pay at the pharmacy (copayments or coinsurance) for each drug I need? (Certain drugs may have high coinsurance.)
  • If a drug I take has a very high coinsurance, is there a drug I can take that will cost me less? (Ask your doctor.)
  • How much will I pay in monthly premiums and annual deductible?

Pharmacy network:

  • Can I fill my prescriptions at the pharmacies I use regularly?
  • Can I fill my prescriptions when I travel?
  • What happens if I go to pharmacies that are not in the network?
  • Can I get prescriptions by mail order?

Coordinating with your other benefits:

  • Will the Medicare drug plan work with my current drug coverage?